Who we are

Our Support Group

Fibromyalgia HEART of Somerset Support Group offers support‚ advice‚ friendship‚ fun and laughter to all members old and new!

We aim to banish that sense of isolation and the feelings of being alone. We welcome all fellow sufferers and their carers/families to come along to our group and join in the fun!

We work together as a group to provide support‚ whether it be a listening ear‚ a shoulder to cry on or just a friendly face!

Even though we struggle on a daily basis we still have the right to a life‚ and this is one of our aims‚ we try to give at our meetings. We all have an understanding of what you are going through with the pain‚ fatigue and numerous other symptoms that fibro seems to have! You will find empathy‚ that look that speaks a million words we understand‚ etc…

We make sure that all members are valued and respected and they never have to feel that they are alone.

The group consists of a Chair person‚ Vice Chair‚ Secretary‚ Treasurer‚ fund raiser‚ the voice/advocate and committee members. We hold an AGM (Annual General Meeting) to determine the post holders and anyone can be involved in the running of the group‚ after all we are a team!

We charge a small weekly sub which contributes towards the running costs‚ such as room hire‚ administration costs‚ use of a warm pool for all regular members‚ contributions to social events‚ donations to FMA UK for research…